What’s Involved in the Amtrak Training/Employee Development (TED) Strategy?

Learning at Amtrak

After reading the recent announcement regarding the Amtrak TED Strategy Project and our journey toward creating a “learning culture,” many may stop and ask what exactly a TED Strategy is…and what it does?

The Amtrak TED Strategy Project does more than just look at what training Amtrak employees need.  In fact, the strategy assesses every aspect of how to run a learning organization like a business and recommends the best path to take in the next three to five years.  In the Amtrak TED Strategy Project, a number of important topics will be addressed to create a learning culture, emulate One Amtrak Way, and benefit your daily life:

  • You’re getting the training you need, at the time you need it.
  • Amtrak employees are receiving the same training on non-job specific topics (for example, one Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course provided for all employees across Amtrak).
  • Amtrak is making the most effective and efficient use of training dollars to ensure employees get the most and best learning opportunities available.
  • Amtrak is providing learning opportunities to “upskill” yourself for future career opportunities.

These are a few of the key topics the strategy will address.  While there is a great deal to consider, and much to accomplish in the coming years, implementation of the strategy will help Amtrak continue to be a place people want to work, learn, grow and be the best they can possibly be.



Creating a Learning Culture at Amtrak

Learning at Amtrak

Creating a Learning Culture that Supports One Amtrak Way…Defining a Strategy for the Future is the First Step

Amtrak strives to promote and measurably improve knowledge sharing, professional and technical development, learning and continuous improvement of all of our employees. The focus of this goal is creating a learning culture and knowledge‐based workforce at Amtrak.

Amtrak’s Integrated Talent Management and Total Rewards strategy have been in effect for two years now, and is a cornerstone in building One Amtrak Way and achieving our strategic goals. A project to build an Amtrak-wide Training & Employee Development strategy is underway which will begin shaping a culture that prioritizes learning as critical to our success.

A core working team of Amtrak colleagues from across the Business Lines and the functional areas has been partnering throughout their organizations to collect current-state data needed for this project and illustrate “how training gets done” today. This team has done a great deal of work to collect the right data from the right people. We hope you will join us in applauding their continuing effort.

The Training & Employee Development strategy will be the blueprint for transforming Amtrak into a learning culture and contributing to an Integrated Talent Management and Total Rewards environment that develops, attracts and retains the best fit talent and offers ongoing development and growth opportunities for colleagues who have made Amtrak the great organization it is today.

Stay tuned for more information and a progress update!


Hot off the Presses: Amtrak Train Days to Launch in May

Amtrak Train Days

If you have participated in Amtrak National Train Days in the past, you know it’s an exciting and fun day for children and adults of all ages.  According the organizers of this event, the participation level has expanded and grown five-fold since it first launched 7 years ago.  The success of this event is thanks to the support and dedication of our employees… #TeamAmtrak. Due to the growing success and the concentrated resources required in supporting a one-day celebration, we are evolving this program into a traveling, community-centric experience under the new name of Amtrak Train Days.

Amtrak Train Days (ATD) will focus on the Amtrak brand, support our business lines and services, help our target audiences learn about the Amtrak experience and service and of course celebrate #TeamAmtrak over the course of spring, summer and fall in 2015.

Amtrak Train Days is kicking off at Chicago Union Station on May 9, and then ATD hits the rails, traveling to over 20 locations across the country.  Check photos of past events on the new web site at AmtrakTrainDays.com – the site will official launch in April where you will be able to plan your Amtrak Train Day activities.