Amtrak Career Opportunities for Veterans

Mr. Boardman Military Hiring

Amtrak has a long history of providing career opportunities to veterans as well as active military members. We value the leadership, reliability and high-tech skills veterans bring to Amtrak. Your ability to adapt to a dynamic environment, your dedication and focus to safety and your experience gained while on military duty directly relates to a variety of operational and non-operational career opportunities at Amtrak.

We have a team of dedicated recruiters who will work with you to understand your military skills experience and training to find career opportunities that best align with your capabilities. Because so many of our employees have served our country in the armed forces, you will feel comfortable and welcome as you transition to the Amtrak team. In a continued effort to support the nation’s service men and women, Amtrak has set a goal of ensuring 25 percent of its new hires are veterans by 2015. We are looking for employees who will be a good fit for our business and who will help us to achieve our mission, which is to deliver intercity transportation with superior safety, customer service and financial excellence.

We proudly support local and national veteran outreach organizations to help United States Veterans find a secure and stable career at Amtrak. Click on the image below to access our military translator job search tool.

Veteran Jobs Search

Help celebrate Amtrak Train Days!

Amtrak Train Days to Launch in May


All Aboard Amtrak Employees!  Help celebrate Amtrak Train Days when it comes to a community near you. Last year, more than 313 communities in all 50 states demonstrated their love of trains on National Train Day. It’s hard to believe that since the first celebration held seven years ago, the participation level has expanded and grown five-fold.  Due to the growing success and the concentrated resources required in supporting a one-day celebration, we are evolving this program into a traveling, community-centric experience under the new name of Amtrak Train Days.

Amtrak Train Days will showcase the products and services we offer through a combination of fun-filled activities including tours of the Amtrak Exhibit Train and the Amtrak Experience display. During select ATD events, guests will be able explore the Amtrak Exhibit Train and learn about the company’s past, present and future.  Amtrak will also showcase “Reasons to Ride” the train, a dynamic experience that allows attendees to see, hear, and feel the benefits of train travel through interactive elements and informative graphics. The framework emulates the structure of a train and incorporates real furniture, interactive elements and informative graphics.

Other features may include Chuggington Depot, a kids play area featuring train and coloring tables and talks by guest speakers.  Our partners throughout the tour also include the National Park Service, Operation Lifesaver, Nook by Barnes & Noble and Amtrak Vacations.

Amtrak Train Days kicks off at Chicago Union Station on May 9, and then the Exhibit Train and Amtrak Experience hit the rails, traveling to more than 15 locations during 2015. Amtrak-served communities, state partners and rail industry colleagues are also invited to join in the celebration by hosting their own events on dates of their choice.

To learn more about ATD events, visit Next week, watch this space to learn how you can play a part and volunteer for an ATD celebration in a community near you.

What’s Involved in the Amtrak Training/Employee Development (TED) Strategy?

Learning at Amtrak

After reading the recent announcement regarding the Amtrak TED Strategy Project and our journey toward creating a “learning culture,” many may stop and ask what exactly a TED Strategy is…and what it does?

The Amtrak TED Strategy Project does more than just look at what training Amtrak employees need.  In fact, the strategy assesses every aspect of how to run a learning organization like a business and recommends the best path to take in the next three to five years.  In the Amtrak TED Strategy Project, a number of important topics will be addressed to create a learning culture, emulate One Amtrak Way, and benefit your daily life:

  • You’re getting the training you need, at the time you need it.
  • Amtrak employees are receiving the same training on non-job specific topics (for example, one Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course provided for all employees across Amtrak).
  • Amtrak is making the most effective and efficient use of training dollars to ensure employees get the most and best learning opportunities available.
  • Amtrak is providing learning opportunities to “upskill” yourself for future career opportunities.

These are a few of the key topics the strategy will address.  While there is a great deal to consider, and much to accomplish in the coming years, implementation of the strategy will help Amtrak continue to be a place people want to work, learn, grow and be the best they can possibly be.



You’re Invited: Amtrak Virtual Career Fair

We are very excited to announce we are having a second VIRTUAL career fair on April 29, 2015!

Visit one of our virtual career booths to learn more and to chat with one our recruiters about job opportunities with Amtrak’s Executive and Corporate, Northeast Corridor, Mechanical and Engineering, Long Distance and State Supported and IT teams.

 Register now – space is limited! 



how it works

Register now, space is limited

Amtrak IT Recruiting Meet Up

Amtrak IT Team photo


We are thrilled to report our most recent IT Recruiting Meet Up was a success!  A huge success!

What is an IT Recruiting meet up you ask?

It’s an opportunity for the Amtrak recruiting and leadership teams to meet IT professionals and an opportunity for IT professionals to meet the Amtrak recruiters.  It sounds simple and it is simple.  It’s Networking 101.  In person, no less!

We met with about a dozen candidates from a variety of  IT backgrounds and experience levels.   Candidates had a chance to talk face to face with Amtrak Senior IT Leaders on the future of IT within our organization.   Even better, candidates  left the event inspired about the current and future career opportunities within Amtrak!

Amtrak hiring events are great opportunities for you to visit with our team and to ask specific questions about our company. But don’t worry we have more events are being planned for the spring!  And, if you do not see a hiring event at in your area, you can always apply for open IT positions online.

P.S.  Before the next IT Recruiting Meet up, brush up on your networking skills for hiring events.

Social Media Trends for 2015: Why should you care?

The social media trends graphic below is interesting.  You may be asking yourself, “Why is that?”

Amtrak has quite a presence on social media, and you may have noticed we have several social spaces where we are sharing corporate and career information with you.  In fact, below is a full list of where you can find #TeamAmtrak on social media.

Amtrak Corporate Social Media – follow these spaces to learn about special travel deals, corporate news and updates and service announcements. You’ll notice you will be one of many “fans” or “followers” depending on the site. Occasionally, the Amtrak corporate social media team will promote photo contests, always tag your photos #Amtrak to grab their attention. 

You Tube

Amtrak Career Related Social Media – follow these spaces to learn more about a career at Amtrak and to get to know #TeamAmtrak with sneak peek views of our #AmtrakJobs.  You’ll notice the content focus is strictly Amtrak career opportunities and our hiring process related.  If you are so inclined, say hello to us, and we’ll say hello back! If you happen to snap a photo of our colleagues, tag the photo with #TeamAmtrak and we’ll feature your photo!

You Tube
#AmtrakCareerTIP: Interested in a career at Amtrak? Connect with our recruiters on Social Media!
So back to the infographic below.  Why should you care how companies are using social media and what the trends are going to be as we continue through 2015?  The answer is simple – knowing where companies are spending time on social media provides you an opportunity to reach out and connect with us.  Go ahead, ask us a question.  I think you’ll be surprised how quickly you get a response.  And, best of all the response is coming from real people – real Amtrak employees who are dedicated to the Amtrak mission to deliver intercity transportation with superior safety, customer services and financial excellence.

Social Media Trends 2015

 Infographic via RivalIQ

Amtrak Recycles!


Amtrak is committed to making recycling an integral part of train travel and strives to protect the environment and conserve resources by reusing and recycling materials. Our major maintenance facilities contribute by recycling a variety of industrial materials including cardboard, scrap metal, and parts. The materials that our facilities recycle include old wires, used oil, wheel turnings, batteries and solder. Recycled parts include wheels, axles, brake shoes, radiators, windows and even mattresses.

Throughout the Amtrak trains, all café and lounge cars have been equipped with a built-in recycling container designated for collection of plastic, glass and aluminum cans and bottles. All Acela Express trains are equipped with containers in the café cars and First Class cars to recycle newspapers and magazines as well as bottles and cans. Recycling containers have also been installed in Amtrak-owned station concourses and food courts to increase the availability of recycling for our passengers.

Check out this behind the scenes information at one of our 24-hour maintenance facilities.

With more than 20,000 employees, we are always looking for areas to improve, so our Environment and Sustainability group has initiated a recycling working group. This group will be working on issues to increase recycling onboard our trains, make the program more visible, and provide training throughout the company.

You can learn more about how Amtrak recycles visit us online!

Creating a Learning Culture at Amtrak

Learning at Amtrak

Creating a Learning Culture that Supports One Amtrak Way…Defining a Strategy for the Future is the First Step

Amtrak strives to promote and measurably improve knowledge sharing, professional and technical development, learning and continuous improvement of all of our employees. The focus of this goal is creating a learning culture and knowledge‐based workforce at Amtrak.

Amtrak’s Integrated Talent Management and Total Rewards strategy have been in effect for two years now, and is a cornerstone in building One Amtrak Way and achieving our strategic goals. A project to build an Amtrak-wide Training & Employee Development strategy is underway which will begin shaping a culture that prioritizes learning as critical to our success.

A core working team of Amtrak colleagues from across the Business Lines and the functional areas has been partnering throughout their organizations to collect current-state data needed for this project and illustrate “how training gets done” today. This team has done a great deal of work to collect the right data from the right people. We hope you will join us in applauding their continuing effort.

The Training & Employee Development strategy will be the blueprint for transforming Amtrak into a learning culture and contributing to an Integrated Talent Management and Total Rewards environment that develops, attracts and retains the best fit talent and offers ongoing development and growth opportunities for colleagues who have made Amtrak the great organization it is today.

Stay tuned for more information and a progress update!


#AmtrakFAQ: Is Amtrak hiring?

Is Amtrak hiring?

Yes. Amtrak is always looking for new talent to join our team. You can search and apply for open jobs by keyword, category or location in our Career Center at

How does the hiring process work?

In order to be considered for any type of position, you must fill out the online application. Resumes that are mailed, e-mailed or hand-delivered to Amtrak or an Amtrak employee will not be considered.

Once you have submitted an online application, our employment team will review it and notify you via e-mail if you have been selected to participate in the next step of the recruiting process. This may include taking the Amtrak Culture Fit and other pre-qualification assessments that may be required for the position to which you are applying.

Due to the high volume of applications received, you will only hear from an Amtrak representative if you are selected for an interview.

We proudly support and encourage U.S. Veterans to apply for all positions. All positions require pre-employment background verification, medical review and pre-employment drug screen. Amtrak is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Have a look at our “how to” video:

At Amtrak it’s More Than Just a Job.

Do what you love Love what you do.

We want your work at Amtrak to be more than a job. We want it to be a fun and fulfilling experience where you find challenging and rewarding opportunities, respect among colleagues, competitive pay, benefits that protect you and your family, and a performance- oriented culture that recognizes and values your contributions and helps you reach your personal and professional goals.

Through your energy, enthusiasm and commitment to safety and security, customer service and financial excellence, you are the single most important element of our success. Every day, you deliver on our shared vision of: “Moving America where it wants to go.”

At Amtrak you will have… 

Freedom to Roam – You’ll have the opportunity to discover the country. With Amtrak’s Rail Pass, you and your family can travel our trains at no cost, subject to availability.

Opportunities to Discover – At Amtrak, your potential meets our possibilities through continuous opportunities for learning, personal development and career growth. Every day, we seek to develop and strengthen our Core Competencies – the knowledge, skills and abilities – we need to be successful at Amtrak. We partner with you throughout your career to help you achieve all that’s possible at Amtrak.

A Chance to Be at Your Best – We know we can only do our best for our customers when you feel your best. At Amtrak, we take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. You’ll enjoy competitive health and wellness benefits, onsite and community- based fitness activities, as well as savings and income protection opportunities for your future.

Make Your Mark – With Amtrak, your contributions are reflected in our competitive, comprehensive compensation package. We offer performance-based incentives and recognition programs that allow you to benefit from your individual performance and our shared success.

Impact Your Community – Amtrak offers you a number of ways to get involved and give back to the communities where we operate. From annual toy drives to relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters, from the United Way donation drive to our National Train Day that celebrates the importance of rail transportation in towns across America.